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Welcome to our letters, words & numbers section!

We can cut & supply individual letters & numbers, full alphabets, words or signs, or pretty much any combination in between, to suit any of your craft projects.

We have a wide selection of fonts available, but there are simply too many to list here! 

If your required font isn't listed, please contact us to see if we have it on file, or if we can obtain it.

Individual letters & Fonts section

Individual characters can be selected from the drop down menu within each font type. These characters are priced based on material thickness and font height. The height of all fonts is calculated based on the tallest capital letter, with all the other characters for that font being cut in proportion. For example, if you select a 10cm tall 'Comic Sans Bold' apostrophe, it will not be 10cm tall..  it will be the correct height in proportion to its corresponding tallest capital letter.

Please contact us before ordering if you're unsure of your requirements and we'll be happy to guide you through it!

Joined words and phrases section

This section is for ordering personalised words and phrases in various fonts, when you require the writing to be joined. Once again, we can't possibly list every font, so we've listed the most common and popular choices. If you need a different font, then please contact us.  Please type EXACTLY how you want the word to appear in the free text area, taking care to use capital letters where they are required.

 Please take note when ordering..  We will cut whatever you type in the free text area, so please be careful with spellings as we cannot refund your items due to your spelling or grammar mistakes.

If you're unsure before ordering, please contact us and ask!

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